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Cloud Services

It's often overlooked or assumed that there will not be an IT requirement after moving to the cloud. This misunderstanding bites organizations big time in unbudgeted costs.

‚ÄčIs the Cloud the best thing since sliced bread?

Better than sliced bread the Cloud is the best thing to hit businesses in years! Unfortunately, all the marketing material and hype won’t tell you all the pitfalls you could encounter if you jump right into the deep end. Don’t get me wrong, there are many advantages to the cloud and it can definitely offer the benefits claimed.


Consider the Cost

Cloud computing, in recent years, has been embraced by many major application vendors as a way to improve your experience, make licensing easier and reduce cost. Many companies are moving to cloud services to reduce costs and complexity within their traditional IT departments however determining the best mix of cloud computing services can be complicated and in the long run may even cost more. The cost may be low on startup but as your demands grows the costs go up. For example, the cost of storage to meet the need now may greatly increase if more storage is needed later. In addition, be prepared for additional costs if more security or encryption of the data is required. Faster storage space may also be necessary if application or data access speed is paramount to the business. With that said, the cost to provide all of these services in-house may still be too much for the business to handle so the cloud may be the best option.



The Internet is Down

It works great until it doesn’t! Will you find the employees now sitting around twiddling their thumbs? Will business come to a screeching halt? This can be a nightmare if businesses completely rely on applications hosted in the cloud or need access to critical documents. Many cloud vendors will provide redundancy, high availability and high level tech support however if the internet is down, you’re down. Just be aware of the risks and plan accordingly so the business isn’t negatively impacted. 



Stuck on 99.99% Uptime?

Now let’s be frank, 99.99% uptime is 52 minutes for the entire year. Are you saying you need 99.99% (four nines) uptime? Most internal IT departments need more than that to perform simple server maintenance, patches and updates. So instead of requiring it for the cloud vendors and paying a lot for it, why not evaluate the uptime that is really needed and pay for what you need. If you can handle “two nines” (99%) this would give 7 hours a month, if needed, for reboots, upgrades and patches. Now that seems more realistic and frankly more cost effective.



Can you provide an Example Use Case?

You bet we can! Read some of our Use Cases and get a feel for what we can do for your company.