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Looks can be deceiving!   -   "Check behind the Curtain..."

We believe in using the QBQ... The Question behind the Question... protocol... or The better the Question, the better the Answer!
... and let the chips fall where they may!

Let's find the answers before they bite anyone in their budget!

Aspects of the Cloud  ECX Boutique Managed Unmanaged Hosting Amazon, etc.
Are there hidden fees*, is everything ala carte?  No  Yes  Yes
Monthly rack space charges  No  Yes  Yes
Privately owned  Yes   No   No
Limited Access  Yes  No  No
Certified engineers  Yes  Maybe  Yes
Is there unescorted physical access  No Yes No
Controlled environment Yes No No
GB Fiber (Multiple sources) Yes Maybe Yes
Load Balancing Firewalls Yes   Maybe   Yes  
Redundant power sources (battery and generator)  Yes Maybe Yes
Managed Fully Yes No Yes, additional charge
Optional Monthly Data Forensic Reporting Yes, additional charge No Yes, additional charge
All-inclusive Transition Packages Yes Maybe Maybe
Four 9s security is standard Yes, can be increased as needed May be increased as needed Yes, can be increased as needed


Know what you are buying … before moving to the cloud.

*Hidden fees are those fees that are often not mentioned or overlooked, e.g. PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, Over-Provisioning and idle VMs... to name a few.